By Aurangzeb Soharwardi

Event management is the Cinderella of external relations and one of the most important communication channels. Events management techniques to conduct seminars,Exhibitions, meetings, press conferences ,how they are organized is becoming a great PR activity and a lucrative business,too.
As a modern concept, event management has emerged as the scientific and well coordinated effort to conduct displays, Exhibitions, Events, Tours, press conferences and seminars. They have become an important part of public relation. A model of a new product complete with a literature and brochures about the development, is a display for public. Exhibitions tend to be larger than displays having a lot of segments and are staffed by a company representative. Booth exhibits are important at trade shows, where some companies may take orders for much of their annual sales.
Staged events include open houses, plant tours and even birthday celebrations. Side walk events, which use messages chalked on the side walks in major urban areas, reach stoners where they walk. Corporate events have evolved into a favorite PR tactics.
The exhibitions include interactive games that allow participants to interact. Press conferences have an important significance in media relations.Seminars and panel discussions are also very important events of public relation. They not only provide maximum information and awareness but also solve many ambiguities coordination is the key to success.One of the most powerful ways of influencing public opinion ,short of actually brain washing them,is to meet in circumstances which you control,regale them,and then communicate the desirable messages.Mass communication techniques are very important for effective event management.
It is important in event management,to be absolutely clear about the objectives of event organized.One of the reasons for the low repetition of event management is that we tend to think of large-scale events,seminars,conferences and so on.But events are much more than this.All encounters have a communication perspective.This means that event management in its broader sense encompasses every thing from small dinner parties to huge gatherings.
All these events require an articulate management techniques and implacable coordination to make them a success. To achieve the objective, these events must focus on relevant points and should be targeted to persuade audience to mould their opinions in the favor of the organization. Mis coordination can lead to disaster in arranging these events.
If you do involve extra people,they will still need to be managed and you want to avoid doing job yourself,their knowledge and relevant experience will make all the difference.Whatever the scale of the occasion,there are a number of elements which are required for the success.
*Every thing begins with a plan.You must always have a plan that takes account of every detail.
*Crises management
*No assumptions
*Assigning specific duties
*Resources allocation
Events are about people and therefore bring their own set of sensitivities,so arrangements must be made keeping all the characteristics of the invite.Although event management has an important strategic role for Public Relations,attention must be given to minutest of details.Here is a checklist:-
*What is the purpose of the event
*What are the target audience
*What is to be said
*Date and Time
*The organizers with specific duties
*Badging of the event
*Look good
*Team spirit
*Travel and boarding/lodging arrangements
*The menu
*Problems/Grey areas
The list can go on and on.The key to success is coordination along with immaculate planning.

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