Human Understanding

In order to have smoth sailing in the ocean of life and career , it is of utmost importance to know human beings , analyse them and then tackle them accordingly.


Through the science of human analysis —THE FIVE HUMAN TYPES

Elsie Benedict & Ralph Paine Benedict.

  1. The Alimentive type:- The enjoyer.The elimentive system is highly developed(Stomach,intestines,alimentary canal and every part of the assimilative apparatus.
  2. The Thoracic Type:- The Thriller
  3. The Muscular Type:- The Worker
  4. The Osseous Type:- The Stayer
  5. The Cerebral Type:- The Thinker


  1. LAW OF IRRATIONALITY: Master your emotional self
  2. LAW OF NARCISISM: Transform self love into empathy
  3. LAW OF ROLE PLAYING: See through people’s masks
  4. LAW OF COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR: Determine strength of people’s character
  5. LAW OF COVETOUSNESS: Become an elusive object of desire
  6. LAW OF SHORTSIGHTEDNESS: : Elevate your perspective
  7. LAW OF DEFENSIVENESS: Soften people’s resistance by confirming their self opinion.
  8. LAW OF SELF SABOTAGE: Change your circumstances by changing your attitude
  9. LAW OF REPRESSION: Confront your dark side
  10. LAW OF ENVY: Beware the fragile ego.
  11. LAW OF GRANDIOSITY:Know your limits
  12. LAW OF GENDER RIGIDITY: Reconnect to the masculine or feminine within you
  13. LAW OF AIMLESSNESS: Advance with a sense of purpose
  14. LAW OF CONFORMITY: Resist the downward pull of the group
  15. LAW OF FICKLENESS: Make them want to follow you
  16. LAW OF AGGRESSION: See the hostility behind the friendly façade
  17. LAW OF GENERATIONAL MYOPIA:Seize the historical moment
  18. LAW OF DEATH DENIAL: Meditate on our common mortality.

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